Christine Jean - Design & Productivity Ninja

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Sean Millette - Technical Architect (AKA 'That Guy')

A small sample of Sean’s experience: Promotions and Special Events coordinator for the Montreal Expos; Manufacturer’s Rep responsible for 20 commercial kitchen companies across British Columbia; bilingual communication advisor responsible for media liaisons and promotions for global companies such as Reebok Hockey, Milwaukee Tools, TresSemme (to name a few); planned, developed and established the Hamilton Walk to Fight Arthritis, raising over $20K in the inaugural year; developed the Learning curriculums and implemented the online training programs for the likes of Sealy USA, Costco Canada, Hubbell Canada, Leons Furniture; built e-learning modules for Sealy, Simmons, Panasonic, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung to name a few and developed the Sealy USA training program, and expanded their LMS offering worldwide including Asia, Europe, Dubai, Canada and Australia.

All my life I’ve been the guy who drops everything to help a friend. I believe that everyone is so busy at work, that we sometimes forget to enjoy our time at home. If I can help someone with a project so that they spend a few less hours at the office, I like to think, or to hope, that this will give them a little more time to enjoy some family time. I’d say that’s probably what drives me the most.

I am located in Thorold, Ontario, just 8 minutes from Niagara Falls. I now live about 8 minutes from the house I grew up in, i.e. my mom and dad’s, which gives everything a very “Everybody Loves Raymond” vibe…

I strive to be the best at what I do. I value, most of all, my wife and my kids, with hockey and pizza coming in at a close 2nd and 3rd… I enjoy playing hockey, especially outdoors, story time (with and/or without the boys), and anything with beef. My mission in life is to leave my mark, I want to be remembered for who I am and what I gave back after I’m gone.

Side note: Sean’s experience in life and business keeps us in awe daily. When Sean was asked to write a bio it sparked a team info graphic of weird and wonderful facts! Watch for that soon!

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Linda Nagata - Excel & Accountability Guru

I have been an administrative assistant for 25 years working from entry level to senior administration, portfolio coordination and working towards project management. Since 1995, I have been working as a virtual assistant doing a wide variety of word processing projects. Working alongside Amie during the growth of WRA has been an amazing opportunity. Seeing the drive and motivation of the WRA team encourages me to keep on growing, learning and pulling for their expertise! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn and/or teach something to another team member.

When I take a vision of a client and turn it into something they utilize in their day to day business, which helps their day go easier and better, it makes me feel amazing! Knowing that my technical and creative skills are not just something I use on a day to day basis. Continuous improvement is about team work between the client and myself, and if we can make one thing a little / much better for their business then it is a good day!

My mission in life is making the most of what we have as we never know when it will be gone. Stopping and taking the time to just be with my husband, visiting my aging parents, being involved in our kids activities, being able to support the community, being able to support a friend through a rough time…these are important to me.

My role within WRA is a unique role I believe…I am the sounding board, the Excel guru, the process improver, the procedure creator, the mentor, the mentoree, the doer, the pusher and the supporter. I can’t really say what my exact role is as it changes depending on where WRA requires me to be.

I am located in Lacombe, AB and currently keep track of three children, one husband and our dog Ottis :)

(We refer to her as Linda The Great)

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Jessica Klis - The MOB Bookkeeper

I am the bookkeeping side of Windy Ranch Admin. I take care of all the paperwork that keeps everyone else from the “important” stuff in their business. I like being able to take a pile of papers and organize and categorize it into something that makes sense. I enjoy that my role gives people back some of their time to focus on the things they enjoy about their business.

I think the Virtual Assistant world is brilliant. It’s like the perfect extended family. It’s there to give you a hand when you need one but you don’t have someone constantly in your space. There is someone to pitch in and help take care of extra work, but you don’t feel like you need to have a full workload for someone every day.

I am located in Sundre, AB and I have been doing bookkeeping for 10 years. I enjoy the freedom it gives me to contribute to the world at large and still be a stay at home Mom.

My children motivate me in ways I never dreamed. I love their wonder and innocence. Their sense of wrong and right. My 6 year old tells me we must stop and smell the flowers. Otherwise if we don’t who will smell how beautiful they are? I will quite often have extra kids at my house for one reason or another.

I also love to laugh. To have a successful day, you must laugh at least once. (It usually ends up with me laughing at myself!)

Side Note: We refer to Jessica as The Mob Bookkeeper because all that ‘paperwork’ she takes care of is actually the core of the business. Without Jessica manning the technical numbers of the business, the system, the process and our team, there would be no business. Jessica says jump, we say how high :)

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Amie Flowerday - The Visionary

After more than 15 years of experience in administration in law offices, petrochemical plants, and oil and gas companies, I decided to pursue my passion for helping visionaries succeed and founded Windy Ranch Administrative Services in 2008.

I believe that the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs are those who have the freedom to focus on what they do best. That’s why I offer the highest-quality administrative services, as well as a range of other support services and a commitment to keep you accountable so you keep moving forward.

My learning in the administrative profession is ongoing, and I have made the commitment to continuous professional development in order to provide superior customer service.

My home office is based in Sundre, Alberta and I serve clients around the world. Should you choose Windy Ranch Admin Inc. as your partner, I guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of professional administrative service, and I am 100% committed to exceeding your expectations.

It is a joy to be able to do what I do best and use my talents to help some of the most creative, intelligent, forward-thinking people on the planet succeed. Just as importantly, I have the pleasure in life to be all that I can be and to teach my daughter that one day she can do that very same thing.


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